Sunday, January 15, 2017

Laundry Day Book Launch and Youthcare Drive!

Wow! It's already time to welcome my third picture book, Laundry Day, into the world! It will be held at Secret Garden Books in Seattle on February 7th at 7pm. Not only will I be doing a book reading and giving out goodies, but I am also organizing a donation drive at the launch for YouthCare, a Seattle non-profit that helps homeless youth in the city. If you plan on coming, see if you could bring one (or more) of the items below. We'll be clipping up the donated items to a laundry line in the store in conjunction with my book's theme- hanging up laundry!

Any donations will be so greatly appreciated for this truly heroic Seattle institution! Here's a current list of items that YouthCare needs:

New underwear
New socks
Jeans and coats
Alarm clocks
Plus sized clothing & shoes
Reusable Water Bottles
Sleeping bags
Travel-size hygiene supplies
New razors
Dental Supplies
Gift cards (Target, Fred Meyer, QFC, etc.)
Orca cards & bus tickets

I hope you can make it to the launch!

For more info about YouthCare, visit:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 and... we're OFF!

Aye Carumba! It's already 2017 and I am already behind on my blogging. (Good thing I didn't make it a new year's resolution to blog more!)

I'm so happy to start off the new year with some fun news!

On January 28th form 9-10am, I'll be participating in a webinar series for SCBWI (YAY!). I'm joining such children's books greats as Tara Lazar, Josh Funk, and Linda Ashman!

I'll be chatting away about polishing person style (for your books that is). Finding your voice both visually and with words is no easy task, but we all have it in us! Here's a link for more information and how to register for the webinars:

I'm always excited at ANY opportunity to geek out and talk about picture books and the craft of making them. So join me and the other amazing writers for some serious geek out time!

There's more to chat about, but I'll just make another post, so I feel more encouraged that I'm blogging more. ;)

Happy 2017!