Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey all
I've still been a little off the grid with posting. I've been working on a new picture book as well as getting totally consumed with my Halloween costume. Fact: I LOVE Halloween. I especially love getting to make crazy costumes for Halloween. I think it's the one time of year my inner sculptor comes out. This year I endeavored to make my own interpretation  the infamous Elliot and E.T. flying scene. Enjoy the photos and my process. How did I do it? Lots of cardboard and paper tape and acrylic paint. Oh and I made my cat Vincent a matching costume. Yes. I am insane and highly impressionable when it comes to tiny clothing meant for dogs. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

City Arts Fest 2012!

Hey All
I've been on MAJOR blog and picture book hiatus the past few weeks. My husband and I just finished a nearly 300 drawing installation for the City Arts Magazine art festival, City Arts Fest- a four day long festival around the city of visual & performance art, music, lectures and pop up performances. Our installation is in the hub site of the three day long festival, called "Culture Club." 

Our piece titled "Grizzly 1971" is a series of portraits based off of a year book that we found from Seattle's Queen Anne High School from 1971. We drew 280 yearbook style portraits based off of the senior class. We then made up names and titles & clubs for the students, mostly very strange and funny.We created a walk-in year book room where all of the portraits were displayed as well as two small  trophy case like pocket displays that flanked the doors of the venue as you walked in. We wanted to breath life back into an otherwise banal and forgettable account of the past, the yearbook.It took us nearly two months to draw all the portraits.

The show will be up in downtown Seattle at 411 Union Street (between 4th and 5th) through October 20th. The venue is free to enter and is open from noon-11pm Oct 17-19th, then from noon-9pm on Saturday the 20th. If you are in town check it out!

For more info, go to: