Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time Magazine!

Hey all!
Yesterday was a HUGE day for my husband, Aaron! The issue of Time Magazine in which a piece of his art is in just came out! Aaron made a label for a bottle of champagne for election day if Barack Obama won. The fake champagne label was an homage to Obama's victory in the style of the Dom Perignon. A friend of his at work, Maika Keuben, was contacted by Time Magazine when the saw the picture she took of the bottle on her flicker. It's their Person of the Year issue and the bottle is among other artists' works dedicated to Obama. So check it out! You can see the label up close on page 37 and then the pull bottle on page 45. I'm so proud that Aaron's art is in a major national magazine AND also proud because we got to drink the champagne in celebration!