Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey dude and dudettes!

Here is your chance to be cool! My friend Matt Cory will be playing with his band Half Acre Day at Chop Suey on April 30th. It's only 7 bones and the doors are at 8:00. They really put on a great show! Think New Pornographers, but less sunbeams and more space ships.

Matt ended up using an image of mine for their poster for the show.The actual drawing is like 3 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet. The poster is poster sized. The music is bigger than it all!

Here is a link to their website!

Come out for a good show and maybe some fake and/or real mustaches.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Gibson won and Gibson too

Hey campers!

So my friend Gibson is a crazy performance artist dude who is always doing really cool, totally non-sequitter type of "examinations of life" I guess is what you would call them.

For instance, once he wore a pair of red pants for 30 days and wouldn't tell people why or what he was doing. All the while he was documenting the process of wearing red pants for 30 days and then recorded it into a book and had a website made for it.

Then he walked from his home in Greenwood Seattle to his place of work that was 20 or so miles away, just to see what it would be like- all the while documenting in photographs his trek up north.

One of his more recent art attacks involved him and a good friend Matt Cory. The two invited all of their friends to an art show called "Do Narwhals have Blowholes?" at the Hiawatha Lofts in Seattle. We all showed and admired framed and mounted art that Matt had illustrated that accompanied the story (words by Gibson.) At a certain time everyone present was asked to be seated where they proceeded to show a slide show of the story as Gibson read it. Then he announced to the room that it was actually a book and they published it, and it was for sale! (And totally awesome I must add! And you can buy it at

Those are just a few of the cool projects he has done. And he is now launching another project: Gibson vs. Gibson which will be a series of "events" I guess involving him and his Australian counterpart (also Gibson) in feats that are meant to temp fate, gravity and the space time continuum.

The first flirtation with destiny will commence Sunday March 8th at 0030 GMT, where each on their own continent, will simultaneously jump off of a swing.

To follow the madness, check out the blog:

Kick ass.