Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yo ho ho!8 days to go!

Today's #BoatsForPapa #30boatsin30days Boat fact: When pirates seized a ship they'd have to ready it for piracy by reinforcing the decks to support the weight of heavy cannons. 

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EFC Burr said...

Good Early Morning! This is a fun and adventurous book and art blog. Since I am trying to locate information on my grandfather's decision to run away from home and join Theodore Roosevelt on his GREAT Peace Flotilla (my grandfather loved sailing ships)... This work you are developing fascinates me. (And here is the story: at 16 years of age grandfather grew up with tales of the ships in the MI to New York transportation business. His grandfather was a Lake MI ship captain, and his father built large ships in Upper New York. And one more ship builder in the family from New Hampshire and Europe).
This wonderful web site of yours is looking to forward adventures like my grandfather going around the world in a new USA sailing ship... Roosevelt was building up the American Navy...
Ships of many types and uses.. Have you read Nathaniel Philbrick's non fiction writing on American whaling ships? EFC