Sunday, August 28, 2011

Illustration Friday: Disguise

I am on vacation this week, but I am still dedicated to my latest venture of participating in Illustration Friday! I was very lucky that my in-laws have a scanner so I could participate while out of town. This week's topic is "Disguise." I didn't want to do something really obvious, so I tried to make it slightly more subtle. And I am still trying to grow my children's book portfolio pieces, so I wanted to do something that could fit into that genre. This is pretty rough as the paper in my sketchbook isn't that conducive for watercolor. I'd like to re-work and re-fine this piece when I get back home. But I thought it was fun even though it's rough.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Illustration Friday

This week's topic: Influence
By Jessixa Bagley

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sundays of drawing

Every Sunday my husband and I go to coffee and draw. We will work on projects, just stuff for fun or practice, sometimes freelance work. There is usually a Jumble break involved and if we have an extra $2, banana bread for me.

Today I drew this truck that was parked across the street. I find that drawing cars, trucks, and other machinery is very hard. I assume it has something to do with the fact that I am a girl. It's easier if I tell myself that than just merely I can't figure out how to draw these things. Anyway, this one turned out pretty good I think. Yes I know the tires are too small. I'm telling myself it's a low-rider or some sort of pimped ride that requires tiny wheels. It's a Dodge in case you were wondering. I forgot to write the words on the tailgate. At least I know what a tailgate is.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nice to see you again!

Hello world!
I haven't updated my blog in quite a looooooong time
as there are about 7 million ways of communicating socially. But I'm back up and running and will be updating regularly! So here are my latest adventures over the past 8 months, just to catch you up:

--I am currently working on my first graphic novel (I say 'first' because I already want to make more!). It's called Diary of a Wiener. It's a graphic memoir of my life mixed in with some dreams, memories, and daily life.

--I just launched my latest website: a website dedicated to the cartoons from my visual diary, Diary of a Wiener, that I have been doing for the past seven and a half years. This was what helped inspire my graphic novel.

--I have been back making French Lessons, a comic written by my friend Alex Allred and drawn by moi. The comic teaches very random French phrases through food doing weird things. French Lessons has appeared multiple times in Seattle's The Stranger weekly newspaper.

--I participated in The Seattle Weekly's Artopia event (to raise money for the local organization Coyote Central) by painting a newspaper box that is now located by the Space Needle!

--I just returned from my first SCBWI conference in L.A. and what an amazing experience that was! I learned so much, heard and met amazing writers and illustrators, met great new friends and future colleagues! In a nutshell it blew my mind. I am so excited to really throw myself into the career I've always wanted to get into: writing and illustrating great picture books! So look out world! (The above picture is the desert from our luncheon: a chocolate book FILLED with delicious cream and berries! It was their 40th Anniversary of having the conference! ) This was the best birthday present I could have ever given myself!

What's to come?
-Like I said, I am working on my first graphic novel, so you'll have to look out for that. You can't rush something like this, so it could be a while. It's been close to 9 months since I started it, so we'll just have to see how much longer it takes!

- Future updates on where I am at with my picture book adventure and the like!

-A new website! YAY! I'm pretty excited for that! My WONDERFUL and talented husband, Aaron Bagley, is helping me re-design my website, so it's more focused and better functioning, but don't worry, it will still have hotdogs! So stay tuned for that as well!

Thanks so much for everyone's continued support and I look forward to updating you more on m happenings!

See you in the funny pages!