Friday, June 5, 2015

26 days and a tugboat to prove it

Day 26: Today's addition to #30boatsin30days is a tugboat! 
Tugboats are really amazing. They are these tough stout little boats that guide ships in and out of port,tow barges, help disabled vessels, and dredge and salvage equipment. They are pretty extraordinary. Just goes to show you the power that comes from even the smallest things.

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EFC Burr said...

Wretched thing about tug boats is how dirty they become with ropes and tug boat workers boots. If you get on board you have to stay out of their way. Our friend's son worked tug boats on the MS River a few years ago hoping to get enough skill to move on to freighters. When the young fellow began training, the tug boat captain and those below him, had to prepare new workers with the possibility of falling off the boat. And the MS River is one muddy mess with fast moving currents, logs and limbs caught together that hit the tug... efc