Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Final boat-final day-BOOK LAUNCH DAY!

It's finally here! BOOK LAUNCH DAY! My number one & last boat of #30boatsin30days is ready to set sail! Thanks for following along this past month! Now the excitement really begins!!! #BoatsforPapa is officially out in the world! Grab a copy at your local bookstore!!!

It is also available online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobel! 

This has been such a fun project this past month as I've geared up towards the big day. I'm soooooo excited to have reached this milestone moment in my life! Today is the birth of my picture book career and the culmination of my dreams and hard work from my entire life. It's all I've ever wanted to do. It's this such special moment in time and I've made the best book I could make to start my journey. It's a part of my heart and soul and I'm honored and humbled that I get to share it with the world and leave it behind for others to experience. And if I'm dreaming, don't wake me up.


rareflower said...

Jessixa, I just read Boats for Papa to my 5 year old son. It is beautifully, so beautifully illustrated and painted, and beautifully and subtley written. I cried. It really touched me. I have a friend whose husband just suddenly passed away from an undiagnosed medical condition, and she has 2 young children, one who would be Buckley's age. I am debating whether it would help or hurt for me to purchase the book for her. I'll think some more but for now wanted to reach out and say -- Thank you for writing it!

Jessixa Bagley said...

Thank you so much for your note! I'm so happy that my book touched you! That is so hard to hear about your friend's husband. An unexpected loss like that must have been devistating for everyone. And very confusing for the children. Did you end up giving them a copy of Boats for Papa? It might be something that could help them in time if now feels too soon. I hope they find peace whatever the path.