Monday, January 20, 2014

Sketching day!

Hey everyone!
I've been closing in on finishing my book and sent off some of my final illustrations today! I still have to do the cover which we are working out, so while I wait for feedback, I thought I would get some sketching in. 

I'm currently working on a picture book idea that features an anteater, so I thought I'd try out some sketches of these hairy beasts and see how they feel. I really love drawing animals. They have so much personality and character in their simple gestures! It makes them ripe for drawing; and the reference material is SO fun to look at! Now I have to see if this little guy likes wearing clothing because what I love even more about drawing animals, is drawing anthropomorphic animals!


Sarah Melling said...

Well I'd say anteaters are right up there with hedgehogs and badgers as some of my favorite picture book animals. The sketches are great!

Jessixa Bagley said...

Thanks, Sarah!