Saturday, April 27, 2013

City & Color studies

Hey all
I've been pretty busy with my current book projects as well as some personal things, but I've been wanting to explore some city images lately so I made some time this week to experiment. I've been doing some small sketches in my sketchbook of my little woodland creatures hitting the city. Here is an idea that I had of a city full of foxes. (Which is getting me thinking about a story of a city of foxes and perhaps a naive chicken wanting to make it in show business decides to head to the big city to get her start...hmm, perhaps there is something there!)

Anyway, I wanted to explore some variations on color within this theme. I think  prefer the cityscape background a lot softer, with the light brown versus the blue. It feels more within my palette and feels more like it is a background instead of popping forward so much. Also, I should have toned down the green on the grass; it came out a bit brighter than I wanted. And I think in the next one, I will draw it larger so I can explore an even more complicated and chaotic scene. Then it will really feel like the big city!
 I also wanted to see how it would feel in sepia and just black and white. I think these would be fun and worth exploring by painting some similar images just in these monochromatic tones.

If you have any thoughts let me know! I have also been studying one of my favorite painters lately, Pieter Bruegel The Elder. I LOVE his work and have always been very inspired by his compositions, palette and details. As I study his work more, I hope to be able to invoke and bring more of his elements of fun, depth, and storytelling to my own work. Thanks for looking!

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Ariel said...

These are so awesome, Jessixa! I love seeing the compositions in different palettes - it really intensifies the way one thinks about composition.

I think you are right about a more muted background (and grass) helping the foreground pop. My two favorite versions are the 2nd one, and the 3rd one which is all sepia. On both, I think it might be useful to remove the painted area for the street. The fox characters are so well grounded that you could lose the street and everything would still make sense, and I think it would draw even more attention to the figures. Also, I kinda think it would be cool to show the foxes in color against the all sepia version.

Awesome work! Can't wait to see more. And, yes, I do think there is a great story waiting to happen with the Chicken who moves to Fox City :)