Monday, May 27, 2013

Un petit tableau

Hey all
Hope you are having a good three day weekend! I'm over the hump on my cold so all day yesterday from 9am-11pm I drew and painted. That is my dream day right there, so I was happy. It's for my big freelance project that I'm finishing up, which I'm dying to share, but can't yet! Sorry. I've also been working on my book "Boats for Papa" which, once again, I can't share work from, BUT at least you'll all get to see it when it comes out in 2015- so be patient (that's what I'm telling myself anyway)!

I did squeak out a little tiny painting that I made for a friend Aaron and I made last year in Paris: Maurice, the last music box maker in Paris. I've decided that I'd love to create a picture book about him-we'll see if he goes for it! Anyway, just wanted to share what I can. Avez-vous un bon weekend!


E. R. Stanton said...

Can't wait for BOATS! Meanwhile, I'm glad you're having a good holiday weekend :) Love Maurice and his music boxes!

Ariel said...

This is so charming! Love the kitties dancing (a minuet?)!

Jessixa Bagley said...

Thanks, ladies! And in they are dancing to Chopin's Polonaise!

Liz Wong said...

Love the music box idea! The illustrations would be so wonderful. Hope it happens!