Monday, May 28, 2012


I just finished this piece this weekend as well. A couple of mischievous wombats unraveling their scarves. There were many iterations of the fella with the blue scarf. I have to say I am very appreciative of forgiving watercolor paper and good watercolors! Originally he was going to look just like his friend, but I wanted to composition to be more dynamic. So I changed the scarf to yellow, like ketchup and mustard (also good name ideas for the characters I thought). But the yellow scarf was too hard to see. Then the yellow scarf became green- like ketchup and relish (also good names). Not dynamic enough, and slightly too holiday colored. Then he found his blue scarf, no food/name relation here, but he had and orange sweater. Clashed too much into the other colors. THEN he had a yellow sweater- still not right and too primary color looking. Finally, I decided he got up that morning to put on his blue scarf and green sweater. Phew! What a wishy washy wombat. But that right there is a good name for a children's book! Hmm...

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