Wednesday, March 14, 2012

West Collection!

Hey everyone
I wanted to make a post about a competition I entered. It's an art competition to be acquired for the West Collection, a renowned art collection from artists all over the world.  Each year they take submissions to be considered to be taken into their collection of work. The prizes are that they buy your work and you are forever a part of this really awesome collection that art appreciators and critics alike get to look at. Part of this year's competition is to get people to vote on your work with this new iPhone app. So if you have an iPhone, please check out my work and vote for my pieces. You can vote for as many as you want! I'm entering in the competition sort of late in the game, but your support is still welcomed.

Here is the link:

I submitted work from my Nostalgia drawing series. Here are a couple of pieces that I entered. But please check them all out on the website!

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Anonymous said...

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