Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My first digital picture book!

Hey picture book enthusiasts!
I wanted to let everyone know of a website that just launched today that I am a part of called uTales is a brand new website where you can access digital pictures books for kids of all ages. You can purchase the books individually for download or subscribe monthly to the site to have access to all of the books on the site. All of the books contributed are written and illustrated from people all over the world too, which is really cool. The books can be read on your computer, iPad and iPhone. uTales contributes portions of each book downloaded to the charity Pencils of Promise, a wonderful organization that builds schools in developing countries.

I have one picture book currently up for download called “What Are You?”  

The book is about when two unlike things meet, one wants to know what the other is. But "what" something is doesn't necessarily tell you "who" they are.
You can find it in the Learn section.

So check it out! It supports a great cause and there are some amazing books in there!

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