Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yeti fever!

I thought I would post this recent illo that I did on inspiration of my friend Steve's request for Yeti's for our gallery wall at work. I work at a design firm in Seattle called Hornall Anderson and we have a wall in our office that we use as an internal "gallery" called The Kathleen Turner Overdrive Gallery (if you've seen High Fidelity, you'll get the reference). It serves very much like a gallery where our curator, Steve Quenell, announces a new theme every month and then we have an opening of the gallery every First Thursday. This month's theme is Yeti's because Steve is addicted to them. So when I heard this for some reason I though instantly "Yeti Jamboree." Makes perfect sense to me. I actually did this piece first then went on to make the illo that I posted earlier in the week for Illustration Friday. I'm really stoked about these hairy critters! They are done in watercolor and pen. And I think going to one of their parties would be awesome. It even gave me a good idea for a children's book...I hope you enjoy!

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